• Spicy degree: very spicy
  • Halal Food
  • Package including: 1 bag Main ingredient package + 1 bag oil package + 1 bag szechuan chili flakes package + 1 bag seasoning powder package
  • Item weight: 450g
  • Cooking way of hot pot soup: (1) Add about 1kg water into the pot, or chicken soup is better,( it can be added or reduced according to personal taste); (2) Add one bag of this product, and boil it (one bag of product is suitable for 6 person and you can add or reduce the product according to the number of person and personal taste) ; (3) Put vegetables or meats into the soup while it get boiled again, meat usually takes 5-10mins will be ok, vegetable takes less than 5 mins, potato usually takes longer time.
  • Sauce dish: As we know hotpot would be more delicious with sauce dish, there are 3 kinds dishes we suggest for you: (1) sesame oil + chopped garlic + vinegar + oyster sauce, classic taste for spicy hotpot; (2) sesame paste + coriander, not spicy taste; (3) pepper + vinegar, hot and sour taste

Halal Food Very Spicy Hot Pot Soup Base Seasoning 450g

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    • Storage: Should be sealed and kept in a dry and ventilated place, refrigerate after opening the bag.
    • Term of validity: 18 months

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