• Hot pot recipe including: Hot pot seasoning, Quail eggs, Fish ball, Sichuan vermicelli, Crispy konjac, Crispy tofu, Lotus Root slices, bamboo shoots, Agaric, Sausage, Heat package, totally 9 kinds foods which individually wrapped
  • Cooking way:
  1. Tear open package to remove the material out;
  2. Remove the bottom material and pour into the upper box;
  3. Put all the ingredients into the upper box, then add purified cold water(suggest 210ml);

4. Put the heat package into the bottom box, add cold water to the level just cover      the heat package;

5. Cover the lid and wait for 12 minutes, after that you can enjoy the delicious hot        pot.

  • Note: Do not use an open flame, microwave, oven or oven to heat directly; Do not place this product directly on the glass table, please eat it on the anti-scalding table, be careful of steam burns; Do not allow children to operate independently. Children should be used under the supervision of adults; Please eat during the warranty period. If you find any quality problems such as leaking bag, bulging bag or leakage, please do not eat and contact us for re-delivery. Please contact us if any questions or problem.
  • Contact information: coshineleo@hotmail.com
  • Production license number: QS510103070617

Instant Self-Cooking Numb Spicy Mini Hot Pot Chinese Huo Guo 422g

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    • Storage: Should be sealed and kept in a dry and ventilated place, refrigerate after opening the bag.
    • Term of validity: 9 months

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