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What is hot pot?

In China, hot pot is very popular in the city named ChongQing, which is famous for both of hot pot and beautiful fashion girls. Why also famous for beautiful girls? Cause people here think that hot pot can make the skin better, and this is not unreasonable.

For most foreigners, hot pot is a kind of experience, but for Chinese, especially people in ChongQing city, hot pot is a kind of relationship maintenance way, hot pot is emotional, its full of passion, enthusiasm, miss, enjoyment, and its the taste of life. Nothing is more fun than eating hot pot with friends or family at their own home. Make themself a hot pot soup, prepare some delicious food materials such as Vermicelli, Needle mushroom, Fish balls, Vegetables, Lotus Root slices, Tofu, Chicken and Meat they like, then make sauce they like to dip the well-cooked materials. What a perfect meal. Isn't it?

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