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Hotpot Side Dish Skill

In the winter, we all like to have a hot pot dinner.With hotpot seasoning, we can make a pot of delicious hot pot,but how about the hotpot side dish ?

People who are not very particular about it may not pay attention, but for those who study a bit, the side dishes of hot pot are very particular, and the more they eat, the healthier they are. Today we will discuss with you the main points of the hot pot side dish.

1. Poultry meat: Chicken, duck, goose, chicken wings, clams, chicken feet and duck's paw.

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2. Live meat: Lamb, beef, ham, etc.

High-quality snowflake beef cattle, thin and even, the texture of the meat is very beautiful, only a small amount of fat in one end and veins.

Every piece of snowfed beef is fat and thin. After 15 seconds in the red oil pot, a large piece of snowflake fat beef smashed the red oil soup. After the whole mouth was stuffed, it was refreshing and did not lose the original taste of the beef. It was chewy and elastic.

The unfinished beef that was attacked by the peppers only swam in the mouth after being cooked. It was immediately pungent without temper, but it was really cool, and the hot-smelling people should not let it go.

3. Aquatic products: Squid, grass carp, squid, squid, river crab, river prawn, sea crab, sea prawn, octopus and water kelp.

4, vegetables: Cabbage, spinach, pea sprouts, lettuce, cabbage, potatoes, lotus root, white peony, winter bamboo shoots, spring bamboo shoots, white radish, carrot, cucumber, winter melon, loofah, fresh peas, green beans, cauliflower, day lily, mushrooms, mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, enoki mushroom , bean sprouts, mung bean sprouts, tofu, dried bean curd, coriander, garlic, onion, spinach and alfalfa.

5, dry goods fruit category: Dried broccoli, dried slices of tender bamboo shoots, dried bamboo shoots, vermicelli, red dates, konjac, fungus, white fungus, mushrooms, mushrooms and bamboo rafts..

In addition, there are processed raw materials such as fish balls, meatballs, twists, fritters, oil tarts, crispy meat and gluten.

Special snacks are also essential, such as pancakes, pumpkin pie, and Indian flying cakes.

now that`s the main points of the hot pot side dish. you get it?

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